- The high purity 5N OFC condutors with foamed PE innsulation layers improve the high frequency response for wirde-bandwidth and effcient signal transfer.
- Twisted pairs, seperated AL foil wrapped shielding, extra foil wrapped around the whole inner-cores protecting all the EMI interferance from other equipment.
- Individual drain wire for eliminate the standing induction in each sub-cable.
- High flex insulation with the vibration support cotton sleeve, ensure the best performance in any installion position even in the tight bending - wall hanging application.

• Deeper and better black colour
• Out standing Contrast
• Lower noise grains
• Higher audio resolution
• Easier in tight bending installation
• 3D @ 4K x 2K Resolution
• HDMI Ethernet link
• Audio Return Channel
• Good image depth and detail
• Good colour Accuracy

1.2m = 2,900.- / 1.8m = 3,500.- / 3m = 4,500.- / 5m = 5,500.- / 10m = 8,500.-
15m = 11,000.- / 20m = 13,500.-

Life time warranty with full value upgradable

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